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Subversion in Apache

Subversion in Apache

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If you are using you own preconfigured Apache and you want to setup your svn repository you can proceed the following way.

In your httpd.conf file insert the following line

# Subversion
Include "conf/extra/subversion.conf"

Then create the subversion.conf file

<Location /svn>
  DAV svn
  SVNPath /usr/local/subversion/repos
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Subversion Repository"
    AuthUserFile /etc/svn-auth-file
    Require valid-user


Error 175011 (Repository has been moved)

If you're having this problem connecting your SVN client to an HTTP-protocol SVN server (e.g. VisualSVN, CollabNet Server, ViewVC), and you're running your clients behind an authenticating transparent proxy (e.g. as on many corporate networks), make sure you have configured the "servers" file correctly for your client for the proxy authentication to succeed or to bypass the proxy!

We particularly encountered this when using an SvnKit client, as Hudson's Subversion plugin implementation. SvnKit does NOT obey the JVM args for "http.noProxyHosts". To exclude a site from being passed through the proxy it must be configured in the Subversion "servers" file instead under the "http-proxy-exceptions" option.

See section on Http proxy setup in:

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