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IBAN : International Banking Account Number

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Friday, 09 September 2011 09:21
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IBAN : International Banking Account Number

The International Banking Account Number (IBAN) is used by banks to uniquely identify account numbers in an international environment. The constituents of the IBAN account numberwill vary from country to country as required. The system can recognise incoming IBAN numbers, and construct IBAN numbers for internal accounts.
A typical example of an IBAN could be:

• Country Code where the account is held.
• The first 4 numbers of the account holder's S.W.I.F.T. address.
• The sort code of the account holder
• The account number of the account at the institution where it is held.

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The number can consist of 4 parts of differing size and content. The first 4 numbers must always be the country code, and the last numbers must always be the account number.
To ensure that IBAN numbers generated by banking systems are unique, account numbers must also be unique. If two account numbers are the same, but have different currencies, then the IBAN
number for these accounts will be the same.

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