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Maven Tomcat deployment

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Friday, 29 April 2011 12:41
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Maven Tomcat Deployment Tutorial

Maven Tomcat  deployment tutorial

The codehaus Maven tomcat plugin is a very clean and effective way to deploy on Tomcat. If you are looking for a mor advanced solution agnostic in the term of server your can use the Maven Cargo plugin


Element Version
Maven version 2 or late
JDK 1.5
Memory no minimum requirement

Define tomcat server in maven settings.xml


Include the following snippet in the <build><plugins> section of your project's pom.xml-file:

Maven plugin configuration


Tomcat Maven plugin troubleshooting Troublehooting

403 Error with Tomcat 7

Tomcat Maven plugin version 1.1 doesn't support Tomcat 7. If your trying to use the tomcat-maven-plugin on Tomcat 7 , you may get a 403 error because Tomcat 7 has changed the deployment url from




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0 #1 karthik 2013-02-04 05:30
hi i have succesfully deploy my war file. but if i'm seeing the running in the tomcat manager html page it sows the false
so my application could not work. why?

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