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Subversion should ignore eclipse files generated by Maven

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Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:03
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Ignore Eclipse files in subversion for Maven projects

When  you are using Maven and Eclipse you can use the Maven Eclipse plugin to materialize the project from a Maven POM. The files created are then derived from the pom and should not be persisted in Subversion. If you do that you will have discrepancies between the configuration defined in your POM. You can find below two methods to prevent this.

Ignore Eclipse artifacts using Subsclipse

If you want to ignore the Eclipse artifacts in Subversion you should click on

Right Click -> Team  - > Set Property

Ignore Maven generateed files for Eclipse

Then you should enter the following property value :


Ignore Eclipse artifacts using svn commands

Open a shell prompt. Change the path to your root project directory

Spring java source

$ svn propset svn:ignore 'target .classpath .settings .project .wtpmodules' .
$ svn commit -m"remove eclipse artifacts" .

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